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How will this benefit or help me?

If you're paying a yearly tax rate of 30% or more, we want to help you finance a tax deduction and strategically lower your current tax bracket. Fixed index annuities offer a combination of life insurance and guaranteed rate of return. If you're retired, buying life insurance can be a smart financial move.

  • What is the first step to restructuring your income taxes?

    Check and verify you are using all available deductions under the current tax code.

  • How do I qualify to restructure my taxes?

    If you provide your last 2 years tax returns and current pay stub for us to check the possibility for you.

  • How will this benefit or help me?

    Our tax system is progressive tax, meaning if you paid $50K in taxes in the last few years, then you're paying a tax rate of 30% or higher. Our program can restructure your taxes so that you can redirect that tax savings into wealth. This will create a tax-free retirement supplement income that allows you to utilize a tax strategy to redirect this savings into a whole life policy.

  • What are the costs associated with this restructuring of income taxes?

    No upfront cost. First, we verify to see you are qualified by 2 years, first 2 pages tax return. The administration cost is 10% of tax savings and the rest of 90% are put into a program to provide a tax-free supplemental income for retirement.

  • What are out of pocket costs?

    Normally it can be cash positive, but it all depends on what your goals are for retirement. All the tax-savings are to benefit your goals and objective for retirement and protection of your income stream.

  • Life Insurance Coverage

    Get covered with an individual life insurance plan or compare today's rates with your current policy or policies.

Financing a Tax Deduction

Loan based on 100k/per year

    • Current Tax Payment

      $100 K
      • Intial Investment

      Current Tax Payment

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    • New Tax Payment

      $50 K
      • Saving 50k/year

      New Tax Payment

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    • Loan Amount

      $50 K
      • Charitable Trust

      Loan Amount

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    • Whole Life Policy

      $45 K
      • Life Insurance

      Whole Life Policy

      Whole Life Policy

Based on a 200k Annual Tax Payment

What if you financed a tax deduction and used this tax savings in retirement?

Based on 200k

Current Tax Payment

New Tax Payment

Loan Amount

Lawyer & Lender Fees

Money Saved

Life Insurance Payment







$7,500 per month / $90K per year




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